DVLA Personalised Registrations’ 200,000th personalised registration will go under the gavel when the Agency’s third live auction of 2018 gets underway at The Oxford Belfry Hotel this week.

Almost 29 years since the DVLA started auctioning personalised registrations, the latest landmark could well be achieved when lot 164 – 200 CM – goes under the hammer shortly after lunchtime on Wednesday, the first of the three-day event.

Despite the significance of being the 200,000th registration to be auctioned by the DVLA, 200 CM, which has a £2,200 reserve, will be just one of the 1,250 lots being offered including BR17 NEY (£700) – arguably one of the finest combinations that make up the girls name, popularised here on our shores 20 years ago by the American pop star Britney Spears.

DHH 110N and YDH 110N, which both have £250 reserves and clearly relate to the hugely popular Indian surname Dhillon, will also surely be hotly contested. Other popular registrations related to names include ELL 107D (£250), HA11 NNA (£400) and PA11 TSY (£400).

As ever, there’s a large breath of personalised registrations with direct correlations to sports cars including LAM 80D (£300) and MCL 650M (£250) which are clearly fitting for Lamborghini and McLaren owners while 62 SWB (£1,200) could entice owners of the fabulously expensive and extremely rare Short Wheel Base Ferraris built in the 1960’s.

Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Senior Sales Manager, said: “Our first two live auctions of 2018 have proved hugely successful and, with the vast array being offered, I’m confident this week’s sale will be also.

“It’s incredible to think this sale will see our 200,000th lot sold at auction which is another astonishing milestone for the Agency and an incredible achievement, particularly as we ebb ever nearer to our 30th anniversary next year.”

Just some of the 1,250 personalised registrations included in the forthcoming sale include:

1966 A (reserve £2,500), AL15 SOP (£400), AMY 2C (£350), ARG 805S (£250), A85 URD (£250), BET 75Y (£300), BMW 530E(£250), BR17 NEY (£700), B166 GNS, (£250), 3 CEF (£1,200), CRA 811E (£250), C111 OUD (£250), DAD 805S (£250), DE11 REK (£400), DUD 8E (£350), EMP 112E (£250), E116 GHT (£250), FAM 111Y (£250), F80 YCE (£250), 125 G (£2,500), 1980 GD(£1,500), GR18 BLE (£700), HER 8X (£350), HUG 8S (£350), IG 250 (£2,200), JA11 MBO (£400), JAY 805S (£250), JED 11J(£300), JUD 11T (£300), KEN 511T (£250), K112 RST (£250), 81 LBY (£1,200), LOY 44L (£300), LUC 41W (£300), LYN 1L(£500), MAT 11W (£300), MEN 4A (£350), MRE 553X (£250), 115 N (£2,500), NOA 8H (£350), NSH 44H (£300), 27 O(£2,500), OH51 NGH (£400), 2 OMG (£1,200), 10 OV (£2,200), PEG 11Y (£300), RAJ 111T (£250), REV 111T (£250), RUS 555H(£250), RY11 DER (£400), R118 EYE (£250), 458 SAM (£1,200), , TAB 31E (£300), TAR 16A (£300), THE 111F (£200), 1 UGG(£2,400), UGL 135T (£250), 356 USA (£1,200), VAP 9R (£350), VOG 111E (£250), 666 VRX(£250), WA17 HAM (£400), WEB 8A (£350), 325 X (£2,500).

Millions of other personalised registrations can also be viewed at DVLA’s Personalised Registrations Official website, www.dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk

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