Love on Wheels: New Research Shows Brits Find Cars as Attractive as Partners

Two young cheerful female friends having fun on road trip representing the romantic attachment people have with their vehicles according to new research from Auto Trader.

Are you ready to rev up your love life?

According to new research from Auto Trader, owning a car can make you more attractive. That’s right, 1 in 10 Brits believe that a car can make a person more alluring, with 20% of millennials agreeing that four wheels can increase your dating appeal.

But it’s not just about turning heads on the road. Brits are so invested in their cars that nearly 1 in 5 (18%) give their vehicle a pet name, second only to their significant other. And forget about “love at first sight”, 11% of respondents admitted to being in love with their car. In fact, for 22% of millennials, their relationship with their car outlasts any romantic entanglements.

So, what makes a car so desirable? It turns out that people attribute personality traits to their beloved vehicles, such as reliability, retro style, and stability. And just like in a relationship, there are deal-breakers when it comes to choosing a new car. The biggest turn-offs are bad smells, untidy interiors, lack of space, unappealing colours, and missing luxury features.

But there’s a new factor driving car purchases in 2023: sustainability. Going green is the top reason that Brits will be looking to buy a new car this year, with 40% saying that they are likely to opt for an electric or hybrid vehicle. That’s right, eco-credentials are just as important as practical elements like boot and passenger space.

So, go ahead and rev up your love life with a new set of wheels. Who knows? Your car might just be the perfect match for you.

What's the funniest or most creative name you've ever given to your car? Share your answers in the comments below!

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