RML’s Short Wheelbase Model: A Combination of Traditional Craftsmanship and Modern Technology

RML, a renowned British automotive engineering company, has announced that its eagerly-awaited Short Wheelbase model is now on track for customer deliveries. The company has revealed the first images of the initial production run of the high-performance GT model that has already received numerous press plaudits in pre-production guise.

The RML Short Wheelbase is a tribute to the driving purity of supercars from the past while offering 21st-century levels of comfort and convenience. The car is being built using a meticulous, hand-built process that takes nine months per vehicle, combining traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

The production of the Short Wheelbase is well underway, with three cars in build, and the first customer delivery is expected to be made late next month. The car’s two-piece carbon fibre body, which weighs just 42.5kg, has already been fitted to the chassis, and the car has progressed through various stages of production.

The lead, four-car image released by RML shows how the Short Wheelbase evolves during production, from its naked carbon fibre body being mated to the chassis through to a fully completed car. The first car in line has already had its chassis restored and powder-coated, and its carbon fibre body has just been fitted. The next Short Wheelbase in line has its main panels fitted, and the entire body is fully primed.

The third car in the line is the first customer Short Wheelbase that has already been painted in-house and is part-way through having its wiring harness installed, along with its cabin being insulated. The car’s 5.5-litre, 479bhp V12 engine, its powertrain, and bespoke exterior and interior trim will be fitted in the coming weeks.

Michael Mallock, RML’s CEO, stated that each Short Wheelbase is hand-built, but the company also uses the most advanced technology to ensure the quality of its build meets the highest levels. All parts are laser-cut to minimize deviation from specification, and the jig used only allows a maximum 0.25mm tolerance, ensuring that all 30 cars in the production run will be produced to a consistently high standard.

The RML Short Wheelbase will be on display at next month’s Goodwood Members’ Meeting, where the company’s founder and chairman, Ray Mallock, will also be competing in a Mallock single-seater racing car. The RML Short Wheelbase is the perfect blend of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, providing customers with an exceptional driving experience that pays tribute to the past while embracing the future.

For more information about the RML Short Wheelbase, please visit the company’s website.


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