New Milestone for Fisker’s All-Electric SUV: Exceeding Range Estimates Poses Threat to European Market

Fisker Ocean; Exterior Shot; 2023; Fisker Inc.

Fisker, the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer, has achieved a significant milestone with its all-electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean Extreme. The vehicle has achieved a combined WLTP range of up to 707 km/440 UK miles, exceeding Fisker’s initial estimates and setting a new standard for electric SUVs in Europe.

This breakthrough was made possible through the integration of cutting-edge technology, which allows the Fisker Ocean Extreme to potentially travel from London to Glasgow or Paris to Frankfurt on a single charge. The achievement is a significant step forward for electric vehicle technology and demonstrates Fisker’s commitment to providing customers with range assurance, comfort, and convenience.

Fisker’s CEO, Henrik Fisker, expressed his delight at the milestone, saying, “From the beginning, we planned the Fisker Ocean to deliver the highest level of design, sustainability, innovation, usability, and range. We created a fantastic 5-passenger vehicle, offering our buyers range confidence and convenience in every trip. This achievement is a major milestone for everyone at Fisker, and we are delighted the range exceeds our initial calculations.”

The Fisker Ocean Extreme is part of the company’s mission to create the most sustainable SUV on Earth. The vehicle combines beautiful craftsmanship, ingenious engineering, innovation, affordability, and sustainability in three versions: Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. Some trims have already sold out in several launch markets.

Customers can reserve and configure the Fisker Ocean via the Fisker website, and the company expects European homologation from authorities by April 28, 2023, with customer deliveries thereafter. The first European Fisker Centers+ will open in Vienna and Copenhagen on April 11, 2023, with additional Centers+ and Lounges across Europe and the US opening throughout 2023.

This achievement by Fisker represents a significant milestone for the electric vehicle industry and highlights the potential of electric vehicles to revolutionize the way we travel. With cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and performance, the Fisker Ocean Extreme is poised to become a game-changer in the automotive industry, providing customers with a new level of range assurance, comfort, and convenience.


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