Electrogenic Revolutionizes Classic Car Conversions with Drop-In Electric Kits

First Porsche 911 fitted with game-changing, easy-to-install ‘plug and play’ EV conversion package

Kidlington, Oxfordshire, UK – Electrogenic, a British EV technology company, has successfully fitted the first of its revolutionary drop-in conversion kits to a classic Porsche 911. Known for its bespoke EV conversions, Electrogenic has now created an easy-to-install ‘plug and play’ package that combines iconic style with modern, clean performance.

The first customer car to be fitted with the new drop-in kit is a stunning Irish Green Porsche 911, originally a 1985 G-Body that has been backdated by the owner to evoke the iconic 2.7 RS. Electrogenic’s E62 911 package equips the classic sports car with a 160kW water-cooled motor, delivering a 0-60 mph sprint in less than 5 seconds.

For customers seeking even more power, Electrogenic offers an E62s package, boasting a 240kW motor with 320bhp and 310lb/ft of torque, which can reach 0-60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. Both E62 and E62s conversions deliver a range of 180-200 miles in real-world driving conditions.

Electrogenic has designed its drop-in kits to be easy to install and entirely reversible, preserving the original vehicle architecture. In addition to the Porsche 911, the company also offers EV powertrain solutions for the Land Rover Defender, Jaguar E-Type, and Triumph Stag.

The Electrogenic drop-in kits include rapid CCS charging as standard, with a full charge taking around 50 minutes. The conversion packages are available internationally through Electrogenic’s growing network of installer partners.

Steve Drummond, Co-Founder of Electrogenic, said, “The delivery of this special 911 marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Electrogenic. The kits enable us to offer our market-leading, ‘plug and play’ EV technology to customers around the globe, and at scale, taking our business to a whole new level.”

Electrogenic’s drop-in kits are defined by their quality and depth of engineering, developed in-house by a research and development team of leading automotive engineers, programmers, and electrical experts. The company’s innovative approach preserves the iconic vehicle structure while providing a seamless transition to electric power.


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