Amid Concerns for Hamilton’s Future Mercedes Rethinks Aerodynamic Strategy as Rivals Outperform W13 and W14 Designs

In the ultra-competitive arena of Formula 1, innovation and adaptability are critical ingredients for success. In recent years, Mercedes has enjoyed unparalleled dominance; however, the tides have turned as the team’s W13 and W14 cars, featuring a unique “size zero” sidepod design, have failed to meet expectations. Reflecting on the team’s struggles, Team Principal Toto…

Alpine Launches Equal Opportunities Programs with Zinedine Zidane as the New Face of Rac(H)er and Concours Excellence Mécanique

Alpine and Zinedine Zidane have partnered up to promote diversity and equal opportunities in both the sports and automotive industries. Through this collaboration, Zidane will serve as the brand ambassador and sponsor of Alpine’s equal opportunities programs, Rac(H)er and the Concours Excellence Mécanique, with the goal of inspiring the younger generation to pursue their dreams regardless of their gender, origin, or background. Zidane’s journey as an international football icon, as well as his passion for motorsports, serves as a great example for all beneficiaries of Alpine’s equal opportunities programs, showcasing the importance of diversity in driving performance and success. This partnership is an excellent step towards creating a more inclusive world, where everyone has the means to thrive professionally and become champions in their chosen fields.